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Imagine waiting more than three decades for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Are you among the people who love to see results as soon as possible?

With the help of high-tech inventions, it’s now possible to get instant food, faster work turnover, and quick aesthetic treatments.

Convenience is the primary goal, but waiting patiently for something makes it more special.

Could you see yourself waiting over three decades for a plant to bloom?

In Luthersville, Georgia, people started off noticing an attention-grabbing plant.

The people who have seen the 25-foot-tall Century plant or Agave Americana call it a showstopper or a landmark.

Jacki Flournoy, the owner of the beautiful succulent plant, didn’t expect her century plant to grow this tall.

She didn’t expect anything from it.

Flournoy’s garden boasts lush green grass and beautiful flowers.

She has yellow daylilies, roses, and more, but one plant steals the show. Bryan Cranston Reveals Plan To Retire From ActingKeep Watching

The Century Plant belongs to the succulent family with rosette-shaped, thick, fleshy, gray-green leaves that are rigid and pointed.

Their size is huge, compared to the succulents that we know, and could grow up to 6 to 10 feet (1.8 to 3 meters) long.

This plant is native to Mexico, but could also grow in different countries or regions with warm climates.

Do you know what makes this plant unique, aside from its beauty and size?

Despite its name, it wouldn’t take a century for it to bloom, but it does take a long time.

We are talking about decades of waiting.

The century plant will only bloom once in its lifetime, between 25-40 years after it has been planted.

After the century plant’s momentous event, it dies, giving way to new plants to flourish.

Many people became interested in Flournoy’s plant as they learned the history behind it.

Flournoy recalls the time she planted the Agave Americana.

It was 1987, Ronald Reagan was president, everyone was dreaming of getting the latest Nintendo console, and when you could get a cart of groceries for less.

Over three decades have passed, and according to Flournoy, many things have changed.

People asked her about her secret for being able to wait for the plant to bloom and to help it grow so tall.

“I don’t have a secret,” she said in an interview with 11Alive. “I just put it out and let it grow.”

For Flournoy, it was like a child waiting for Christmas.

It shocked Flournoy to see how majestic her century plant was after so many years.

Soon, many people started noticing the tall succulent, and they love it.

Today, the entire community is on standby with Flournoy.

Anytime now, the Century plant will show everyone it’s a beautiful and bold yellow flower.

Aside from all the attention it’s getting, this plant made Flournoy realize something.

Flournoy learned the value of patience and waiting.

She believes that everyone and everything blooms at its own pace.

“I just think it’s different. But I am proud of it,” Flournoy concluded.

Indeed, we can apply this in our everyday lives.

Let’s join the waiting game and watch the full feature of the story below.

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