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A home renovation is nothing without a concrete plan and on that matter, an architect’s expertise can be put to good use.

If you want to appreciate what an architect truly does to home makeovers, then you might want to consider watching this talented architect.

Gemma Wheeler

According to her website, Gemma Wheeler is an architect who really cares about design. She’s won awards for her work and likes to focus on creating buildings that fit perfectly into their surroundings.

Gemma pays attention to the materials that are nearby, the traditional styles of buildings in that area, and how people will live in these places in the future.

Living in Edinburgh, Gemma has worked on lots of different projects all across the United Kingdom. She has her own YouTube channel called Gemma Wheeler Architecture.

On her channel, she talks about building new houses on small areas of land and how to fix up old, small buildings that have a history.

Her channel’s goal is to offer inspiration, amusement, and a chance to exchange thoughts that might otherwise stay confined within my sketchbook.

However, it’s important to note that this channel won’t offer technical or legal guidance, cost estimates, or specific construction details.

Wheeler loves challenges.

If you are one of her viewers or subscribers, then you should know by now she loves challenging projects.

Once again, this talented architect took the liberty of transforming an old non-residential building into a contemporary living space. It’s a traditional Hungarian grape press which Wheeler claimed to have “a tight layout with awkward traditional features that must be included in the design to make the building comfortable.”

The building has three floors and what Wheeler wants to do is preserve the original style of the house as much as possible. She also wants to convert all three floors into livable spaces, but first, she needs to build a staircase that will enable her plan.

However, building a staircase in the middle of the building will eat up too much space.

To solve this, Wheeler decided to put the stairs on the north end since the house’s orientation is from south to north. Putting the stairs on the north also allows for more natural light to come into all the living areas of the house.

The stairs is a key feature of the house, so instead of hiding it, she decided to put it on full display. The creative architect also wants it to have a contemporary look to contrast the heavy traditional style of the old building.

In her design, she proposed the stairs to be built from white folded steel and be installed with concealed fixings to make it look like it’s floating.

Ground floor plan

Wheeler wants the ground floor to be where the dirty kitchen is on one side or other functions apart from food preparation. On the same floor, there is a partition with built-in storage and sliding doors that will set apart the ground floor’s bedroom.

A shower room and W.C. could also be squeezed in on the area.

Note that Wheeler’s plan is still a proposal. As stated below the video’s description, “All designs presented here are based on a brief and notional desktop study of site constraints and conditions and should NOT be taken as advice, guarantee or warrant that any planning permission or other regulatory requirement would be granted.”

But based on the comments, it looks like her proposed design is good as approved.

One commented, “Stunning design Gemma. You never fail to impress me and to fit 2 bedrooms into this tiny home is a major achievement. I love it and hope the viewer who sent it into you takes your advice and completes this renovation and lets us see the results once complete.”

Do you want to know what else she did on the first floor and attic? Then don’t forget to hit that play button below.

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