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Looking younger for your age is something so many aspire to. A lot of people spend thousands, if not millions, on ways to maintain their youth and beauty. But this grandmother looks youthful without any intervention.

In fact, her message to others is to stop worrying about aging. Keep reading to learn more about her and her actual age!

Joan Richmond-Woodhouse is a great-grandma and grandmother to 18, and she looks wonderful for her actual age. Many people mistake her to be in her 60s because of how youthful she appears not only physically but also in her spirit.

She has over 33,000 devoted followers, and she usually directs her tips and tricks for a healthy life too. In a video she posted, she tells people, “In order to keep happy, you’ve got to stop stressing about things. I mean, it’s ridiculous! It’s no good worrying — it [getting older] happens if you worry, it happens if you don’t. So why bother worrying at all, you know what I mean? It’s just life.”


She simply says to her followers in order to look like her you must enjoy life. She said, “If you enjoy life, you will look like me.”

She is not shy about wearing form-fitting dresses or even bikinis!

Joan Richmond-Woodhouse is actually 92 years old! Even though she looks like a woman in her 60s. The secret to her looking thirty years younger than her actual age is simple; she does not let the little things stress her out.

She moved to Spain in January 2002 with her late husband, Trevor Woodhouse, who was a retired solicitor. Now she enjoys her time with her boyfriend, David Winder, who is also in his 80s and is a retired cargo coordinator. They both enjoy their lives in Costa Calida, Murcia, Spain. She is truly inspiring in how she effortlessly lives her life and enjoys it as much as she can, even at her advanced age!

So how does she look so good at her age? She swears by Nivea cream, saying she has used the cream since she was 16 years old. She makes sure to moisturize her entire body at least once a week!

In an interview last year, she shared, “I don’t know how to behave like a 91-year-old – I just act the same as I did when I was 21. I’ve always looked young, and people are always shocked when I tell them my age as I don’t look, talk or act like I am 91.”

She added, “I don’t do anything special to stay young – I love pies and English grub, so even in Spain, I’ve stuck to eating that.

She revealed how she still dresses how she wants, she added, “I love wearing a bikini and going to the beach with my granddaughter. I’ve never put any weight on it. I think that must be my secret to my young looks that and I just love life and have never had the mindset of being old.”

Joan has had a tough time in life, having battled colon cancer but she does not let this get her down!

It is so nice to see Joan’s lust for life! It truly is wonderful to know how she lives every day to the fullest and knows how to have fun. Had we not known what her age was, we would have never guessed!

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