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When Deb and Ron retired, it didn’t necessarily mean that life slowed down.

Their daughter Amanda welcomed two sons, and the couple absolutely adored being full-time grandparents.

Nestled in Pennsylvania, their lives were filled with the joyous chaos of grandchildren McGrath and Baier, with daughter Amanda living just around the corner.

Their home was a bustling hub of family activity, where every day brought new memories with their beloved grandkids.


However, life took an unexpected turn when Amanda and her then husband moved to Birmingham, Alabama, for work.

This move stretched the once short, easy visits into a challenging 13-hour journey.

The physical distance brought an emotional challenge, turning their routine family interactions into video calls.

Deb and Ron felt the absence deeply, missing the regular, lively presence of their grandchildren.

Determined to keep their family close, Deb and Ron decided to move to Alabama.

They discovered a property for sale on Smith Lake, a serene lakeside location that promised a new beginning.

While Deb and Ron initially set up their motorhome on this property, the first storm quickly revealed the need for a more stable solution.

This led them to the innovative idea of building a tiny home from a shipping container.

Collaborating with Alabama Tiny Homes, they embarked on transforming a shipping container into a cozy, 480-square-foot living space.

The project, costing around $120,000, involved meticulous planning and design.

They wanted a home that was not just functional but also a reflection of their personalities and lifestyle.

Key features included a large picture window overlooking the lake, a full-size refrigerator, and a washer and dryer.


But it gets even better.

Amanda also decided to build her own tiny home on the property.

Her 320-square-foot home, crafted from a 20-foot container with added bump-outs, included bunk beds for the kids, a Murphy bed for herself, and a full bathroom.

Best of all, it was just steps away from her parents’ residence.


The construction of these unique homes wasn’t without its challenges.

Delays in obtaining the containers extended the project to around a year.

However, Deb, Ron, and Amanda remained patient, knowing the end result would be worth the wait.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail in each home were evident, making the delay a small price to pay for quality.


The family’s compound on Smith Lake allows them to enjoy tons of time together.

Deb and Ron’s home captures the stunning sunsets over the lake, and its spacious kitchen and cozy bedroom with pocket doors reflect their desire for comfort and functionality.

Amanda’s home, with its clever use of space, provides a perfect retreat for her and her children.

The tiny homes have brought the family back together, creating a lakeside sanctuary where memories are made every day.

The grandchildren raid the cupboards for snacks, and the family enjoys the beauty of the lake and the comfort of being close.

The homes, both practical and picturesque, have redefined their concept of living well.

Amanda told AARP:

“I think it’s extremely important for us to be together now, especially as they’re getting older. You know, you kind of become aware that it doesn’t last forever. You know, you don’t have all the time in the world, so better make use of it.”


So, is this a living arrangement that you’d love to do with your family?

Watch the video below to get a closer look at these beautiful shipping container homes!

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