Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

After her husband suddenly passed away, Melody decided it was time to downsize and cut her expenses. She found the perfect tiny 

Home, which she lovingly named her Tiny Castle, and now lives in a Tiny House Village surrounded by other like-minded people.

Her expenses were also slashed and she no longer has to worry about financials.

Her home is lovely and she has made some very smart decisions. In downsizing the interior “stuff” that I have seen so many people clutter up their homes with, her home actually looks “big”. One of the reasons why this place looks so beautiful is that she has been purposeful about the interior decorating. Just lovely!

Melody also decorates the model homes for ITH. She has a wonderful sense of design and space and is good at designing in many different styles. She’s very talented, and I love her big smile!! ITH is blessed to have her! Happy New Year, Melody!

By Admin