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As life’s seasons unfold, families encounter new chapters marked by transitions, challenges, and growth – for instance, a loving grandmother who prefers to live independently but resides in a grandma’s tiny home to be with her daughter and grandkids.

Change demands adaptability and a willingness to step into the unknown. The love for our family is a catalyst, propelling us forward even in unfamiliar terrain.

It fosters resilience, encouraging us to navigate life’s currents with courage and grace.

In the heart of Poway, California, a heartwarming story unfolds as Opal Reinbold, a vibrant 75-year-old, starts a new chapter of her life.

Opal Reinbold, owner of grandma's tiny home.

Living alone in a one-bedroom apartment just 15 minutes away from her family, Opal longed to be closer to her daughter, Maggie, and grandchildren, according to AARP’s Vlog.

Little did she know that her daughter had the perfect solution by building a grandma’s tiny home—a 498-square-foot home they called the “grammy pad” in the backyard, courtesy of SnapADU.

Maggie, sharing her thoughts on the idea, explains that her mom’s current living situation is expensive and less conducive to the family bond they cherish.

Maggie, Opel's daughter, talking about the grammy pad she wants for her mom.

She envisions bringing Opal onto their property, creating a grandma’s tiny home that is not just a home but a sanctuary where family connections can thrive.

Opal, a retired chief quality officer for a health system, initially hesitated about moving closer to her children.

Her independence and busy lifestyle made the thought of relocating stressful. However, Maggie’s heartfelt appeal, emphasizing the value of being more present in each other’s lives, sparked a change of heart in Opal.

Maggie, working in front of computer in her home office.


Retirement led Opal to downsize from a spacious three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. The emotional toll of downsizing was profound, taking six months to adjust to a smaller living space.

Opal’s journey into this new phase of her life sheds light on the challenges and emotional aspects of transitioning into a more compact home.

Maggie, emphasizing the convenience of grandma’s tiny home, an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), shares her tight-knit relationship with her mom.

Opal and Maggie's old photo with her two siblings. Photo shows Opal carrying baby Maggie.

The prospect of having Opal closer to help with the grandchildren and receiving assistance as she ages was a compelling motivation for the family.

After contemplating the possibility for a few years, Opal felt a surge of emotions one night, visualizing herself in the granny flat.

The architechtural design of grandma's tiny home.

She felt safe and lucky at the thought of this new chapter, demonstrating the emotional impact a well-designed living space can have on an individual’s sense of security and happiness.

The Reinbold family’s commitment to sustainability aligns with their professional background in biology.

Building a grandma’s tiny home contributes positively to the housing crisis without compromising native habitats or species.

Construction of grandma's tiny home. Workers working on house's wooden frames.

The planning phase involves discussions with SnapADU, where the family envisions a space for Opal mirroring the amenities of the main house but on a smaller scale.

Concerns about budget and space are addressed, with the company’s expertise ensuring a design that maximizes every cubic foot.

As the plans materialize, the family grapples with the financial aspects, with ADU projects typically starting around $300,000-$325,000.

Grandma's tiny home was fully finished after after 11 months

Despite the challenges, the decision to move forward with the project reflects the family’s eagerness to turn their dream into a reality.

The completed grandma’s tiny home showcases a well-utilized space, open design, and the family’s dedication to making Opal’s new home both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Grandma's tiny home's living room view from the dining area. The living room has comfy couch, large TV, pieces of furniture, and glass doors showing the area's beautiful view.

The Reinbolds express their joy at completing the project within a year, staying within budget, and, most importantly, creating a haven where Opal can experience a new, fulfilling chapter surrounded by the love of her family.

In times of transition, the love of family becomes the steady heartbeat, grounding us in moments of uncertainty.

Opel's new bedroom and home office.

It instills a sense of belonging and reminds us that, no matter how the winds of change may blow, our familial love is a constant, an anchor that withstands the tests of time.

So, let us embrace change for the love of family, for in doing so, we honor our shared past and pave the way for a future where the bonds of love remain unbroken, resilient, and everlasting.

Opel and Maggie happily talking to each other while holding hands.


As Opal’s cozy haven exemplifies, thoughtful planning, familial bonds, and sustainable living can transform lives, making every square foot count in building a brighter future.

See Opal and Maggie’s fantastic journey in making their dream grandma’s tiny home into reality by watching the video below:

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