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The Dolenc couple built their dream home 19 years ago. They built their house on a small land they call a “farm-ette.”

They have goats, chickens, and rabbits.

Along with their three kids, the Dolenc family has sustained their small farm. The location of their home is impressive. They have a farm, a pond, and a pleasant garden where they can bond.

A few years back, the couple realized that their home, which they call the “Kicsi Casa,” won’t be spacious enough now that they have teenagers.

Instead of moving out or expanding their home, they bought a tiny house and extend it into their home.

They partnered with Simblissity Tiny Homes, which designed their tiny home, and the ultimate cost was around $67,000.

They asked their daughters, Lucie and Marin, to customize their new bedroom/tiny home according to their personalities.

Initially, they wanted their teen daughters to have their privacy and space but still be close to them. Later on, they thought that, after a few years, this tiny home could either turn into a guest bedroom, an office, or a mobile home for their kids.

It has exceeded their expectations, and they are also proud of their daughters, who were been able to show their personalities by designing their respective rooms.

It took about six months until the whole project was completed. They were also able to connect the tiny home to the main house for easy access.

The sisters have a composting toilet and a good-sized shower, complete with a vanity and sink.

According to Lucie, storage was one of the challenges they had to face when designing the tiny house, and like most tiny homes, they used the space under the stairs for closets.

Lucie has a loft bed, which, according to her, doesn’t give her too much room to sit up, but it was the design she chose.

For her, it felt cozy, and she adores her storage which can also be a desk if she needs to study.

Her younger sister chose a ground-level room. The windows allow Marin to see the goats and the farm’s view.

Above Marin’s bedroom is the hangout loft, which the kids use to relax and read books. It has two sofa cushions which can turn into beds.

Lucie loves having friends over and they can sleep there.

According to Brett, his daughters threaten to never leave their home.

Once you see their little farm, you’d understand why these kids wouldn’t dream of leaving their homes.

“Raising kids out here, you know they have chores and animals. So, we just made the decision as a family. This is our lifestyle. We share responsibilities, we help each other, we do things together,” said Kristy.

During the pandemic, Brett and Kristy opened their little farm to their neighbors. They allowed them to stay on the farm-ette, relaxing with the farm animals, and called it “Covid relief goat therapy.”

Seeing their small farm, the beautiful and lush trees, the relaxing pond, and sweet fruit trees, you’d consider their home a paradise.

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