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Not everyone desires to have a large home with an even bigger mortgage.

Some people like to think outside the box and strive for a life with more freedom.

That’s exactly what one woman achieved after she purchased an old RV.


It all started when Jessy Muller stumbled upon a 1978 Dodge Commander on Craigslist.

It wasn’t just an old RV, it was a canvas for creativity and a new way of life.

Better yet, she was able to buy the vintage gem for just $1,900.

Despite its years and worn condition, she saw beyond the rust and dust, envisioning its classic charm reborn.

Jessy’s first task was to reinvent the interior.

Out went the dated camper seating, replaced by furniture that was both practical and space-saving.

She was driven by a vision of a living space that was open and welcoming, a place that breathed freedom and simplicity.

By introducing a flip table and innovative storage solutions, she transformed the RV into a cozy home, blending functionality with a personal touch.


Several years ago, she allowed “Tiny Home Tours” into her Commander to get a closer peek.

In the driver’s seat, Jessy kept the original 1978 shag carpet, a nod to the RV’s rich history.

She added a drop-down bed, ingeniously creating extra sleeping space without cramping the living area.

Her ease behind the wheel, navigating a vehicle of such size and vintage, revealed her love for old-school charm and her knack for adapting to new experiences.


Jessy’s cleverness shone through in her approach to the RV’s utilities.

Swapping out old fluorescent lights for LED fixtures, she cut down her electricity usage significantly.

Her eco-friendly mindset was evident in her solar power system, powered by two six-volt golf cart batteries.

This sustainable setup was more than just cost-effective – it was a statement of living minimally and mindfully.


The kitchen transformation was remarkable.

Jessy installed a new countertop and a deep basin sink, both finds from Craigslist, breathing new life into the space.

When the RV’s fridge broke down just before her departure, she tackled the problem head-on, showcasing her ability to think on her feet.

She even added child locks to the cabinets, a simple but ingenious fix to a common RV problem.


In the bathroom, Jessy’s creativity took center stage.

She removed the original toilet to make way for a composting one and reworked the area to include a spacious shower.

This change wasn’t just about comfort – it was a conscious choice for a more sustainable living.

Repurposing slats to cover the old toilet area was just one example of her innovative problem-solving.

The bedroom saw a major overhaul with Jessy addressing significant water damage.

She built a new ceiling and walls, and designed a bed platform with ample storage underneath.

The addition of a repurposed vanity from the original bathroom added a touch of elegance, making the space uniquely hers.


Jessy’s year-long journey transforming Mandor, the name she affectionately gave her RV, was more than a series of renovations.

It was a journey of self-discovery, learning, and overcoming obstacles.

With no prior experience in carpentry, electrical, or plumbing, she dove headfirst into the challenge, learning through mistakes and perseverance.


Jessy travels the country in Mander and shares her adventures on her Instagram page “slowroamer.”

Ready to be inspired? Check out the full tour in the video below!

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