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Chuck & Molly built a tiny home community on their land in North Texas. They live on-site with their two kids, bringing a family feel to Namastay Hideaway mini-village. Tiny homes have been part of their love story from the start. They had their first date in Molly’s tiny house on wheels!

After getting married, they needed more room for their family but dreamed of starting a community. And they made it happen through much sweat equity. The result is a thoughtfully crafted, welcoming, and drama-free community.

We both have a spiritual background, where we see the golden thread in all religions and thought processes. We didn’t want to be exclusive of anybody.

It’s a bring your weirdness and come join us in our weirdness. I think weird is a great thing; it’s really just being authentically who you are not ashamed of who you are. So we wanted to create that within a community. We don’t care who you love or who you voted for or who you worship. We don’t care any of that stuff, just as long as you’re going to be respect and accept others.Molly & Chuck, Namastay Hideaway Founders

They refer to Namastay Hideaway as a “tiny living community.” They accept tiny houses on wheels, small RVs, and bus/van conversions. In total, there are 20 lots on 3.5 acres. Each one has a unique name that captures the vibe of the community, like Enlightened. Additionally, every lot has a number for ease of mail delivery. Each lot has a septic hookup, water, and 30 & 50 amp for electric hookups.

Lot rent comes to $550 per month. That includes the water and the sewer. For a $50 upgrade, residents can enjoy fiber optic internet. Electricity is billed separately. All residents can also enjoy the on-site amenities, including fire pits, outdoor seating areas, the community garden, the dog park, and storm shelters.

“One of the amazing things about Chuck and Molly is they’re just incredibly thoughtful, amazing people as they are. Molly lived tiny for several years. She knew the challenges that came with it. One of the dangers of living tiny is the storms that come through right and not having a safe place to go.

Here at Namastay, we’re just super fortunate that we have someone who is thoughtful to the challenges that tiny house living can bring and how to solve those challenges. It’s a pretty simple solution. I mean there’s a lot of work and everything that has to go into it, but it’s a pretty simple solution that okay we have storm shelters now for everybody to go to you know. We all live in small spaces, so when we have pets, it’s great to have a dog park so that our pups can run around.

That’s one of the just incredible things about special things about Namastay is the people behind it because everything that they do they do with intention and thoughtfulness.Tia, Namastay Hideaway resident

Watch the tiny home community tour to learn more!

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