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Hello there! Today, you’re in for a treat as Kim invites you into her beloved home, “Journey’s End.” Having embraced this tiny home lifestyle for over five years, she’s ready to give you a tour and share insights into living minimally and sustainably. Let’s explore this charming space together!

🥦 Step Into Kim’s Vegan-Friendly kitchen
As you enter Kim’s kitchen, you’ll notice it’s perfectly tailored for her vegan lifestyle. She’s made a conscious choice to forego a microwave, opting instead for three indispensable appliances. A compact two-burner hot plate and a multi-functional toaster oven are the heart of her cooking space. The kitchen island is not just about storage; it’s a statement of efficiency and style, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills.

🌱 Embrace a Zero-Waste Life
Kim’s commitment to a zero-waste lifestyle is truly inspiring. She uses a Berkey filter, which is both eco-friendly and long-lasting, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. Reusable cloth napkins replace disposable ones, further reducing waste. Plus, her commitment to composting is a testament to her dedication to sustainability.

🏠 From Childhood Dreams to Reality
Kim’s journey to tiny home living began in her childhood. Growing up in New Jersey and Colorado, she always had an affinity for compact, cozy spaces. Her path wasn’t straightforward, but every step seemed to lead her to “Journey’s End” – a realization of her long-held dream.

🛁 Discover a Spacious Tiny Bathroom
The bathroom in “Journey’s End” may surprise you with its size and functionality. It has plenty of storage and a large, easily accessible shower. Kim chose a shower over a bathtub to maximize pantry space – a decision that aligns perfectly with her practical approach to tiny living.

🛏️ A Bedroom that Radiates Comfort and Style
Kim’s bedroom is her sanctuary. High ceilings add a sense of openness, and the generous storage ensures a clutter-free environment. The thoughtfully designed bed comes with ample drawer space. And the best part? Extra room is available for her pet sitter, making it a truly guest-friendly space.

📚 Transitioning to Minimalism
Kim’s minimalist journey is a lesson in simplicity. She suggests living in one room of your current home to simulate tiny house living. It’s all about mindset – embracing less to live more.

🪑 Reinventing the Living Space
The living area transformation, from an uncomfortable couch to a relaxing recliner, epitomizes Kim’s adaptability. This space doubles as her workstation, offering stunning outdoor views. The loft overhead, mainly a paradise for her cat, adds another layer to her living experience.

🔥 Staying Cozy and warm
Insulation is the only aspect where “Journey’s End” could improve. To combat chilly days, Kim relies on a gas heater that quickly warms up the space, adding a cozy touch with its flame-like appearance.

🌿 The Porch: A Serene Outdoor Retreat
The porch is more than an extension of the house; it’s a sanctuary. It’s where Kim exercises, relaxes, and watches her cat enjoy its freedom. This space beautifully blends indoor comfort with the tranquility of nature.

✈️ Tailored for a Traveler’s Lifestyle
As the owner of a vegan international tour company, Kim’s frequent travels make “Journey’s End” the perfect home base. It’s a stress-free, comfortable haven that complements her dynamic lifestyle.

Thank you for joining this tour of “Journey’s End.” If vegan travel piques your interest, don’t forget to check out Veg Jaunts and Journeys for amazing vegan-friendly destinations across the globe.

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