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When it comes to the art of do-it-yourself, there’s nothing more rewarding than building your house with your hands.

A family in Germany has a different kind of answer when it comes to the question, “How do you spend family time together?”

It all started in 2011 when Franziska’s parents, Wolfgang and Heidi, visited an old farmhouse.

They have been looking for a property for three years before that. It took them a long time because they had a very specific vision in mind.

They need a property that can have a garden because Heidi loves the outdoors. They also need a property big enough to hold two small houses as they plan on retiring together with Franziska’s grandparents.

They found what they were looking for when they visited a farmhouse located in East Germany.

At first, the owner wanted to lease the property out. But after a few discussions, Wolfgang and Heidi managed to buy the whole thing.


The farmhouse looked lovely on the outside. However, any newbie contractor might run away once they see the inside of the house.

To save money, the family decided to renovate the house themselves.

The first thing they did was to take out everything that won’t be staying in the house. Next, they focused on making a kitchen where Heidi could prepare meals for Wolfgang and the other workers he pulled into the project.

A video posted by Quantum Tech HD compressed the entire process into a 13-minute video. They covered all the parts, from demolishing some areas of the farmhouse to installing interior decorations.

The house didn’t need much of an overhaul from the outside.

However, they stripped most of the inside and reinforced the interiors with newer beams. Next, they installed new insulation in the attic before sealing everything up with drywall.


The most challenging parts were installing new electrical wiring for the lights and sockets, and installing a new pipe system for their plumbing needs.

The result is nothing you could ever imagine!

Upon entering, you’ll be welcomed by a living room that’s filled with natural light. It also has an office corner and a small library.


They played largely on wood accents and motifs that made the house cozier. Even the bathroom has a wooden sink.

They also transformed the attic into a bedroom.

The area now has perfect insulation to make heating and cooling much more energy-efficient. The attic also has its own toilet system that they built from scratch.

People all over the internet lauded the family, especially Wolfgang. They couldn’t believe a man his age could still build interiors all by himself.

They also expressed how happy they are for the family as building the house together must’ve been a very memorable experience for all of them.


You can check out the entire video or Franziska’s YouTube channel to see how the house evolved with each phase and each area.

Watch how this family turned an aging farmhouse into a “brand new” house.

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