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Having a beautiful home is something everyone dreams ofBut home prices are so expensive these days that not everyone is able to afford an expensive home. But now that the most expensive home has been listed, of course, people are curious about what makes it worth so much!

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A house in Naples, Florida was listed for sale earlier this month and it has set a record for being the most expensive house listed in the United States. The home sits on the expensive and exclusive Port Royal neighborhood. The 9-acre home really has the potential to set a record for home sales in the United States!

The property is called Gordon Pointe and has been listed for a whopping $295 million. It has six bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.

The property listing states that 23,000 square-foot is surrounded by the beach on three sides, it also comes with a private 231-foot yacht basin and 6-boat T-dock. The land houses one primary home and two guest homes.


The listing agent for Gordon Pointe Dawn McKenna said the property “is so special with unprecedented amenities that we are not surprised that it will achieve a new ceiling for pricing in the United States.”

The family selling the home has been identified as the family of the late Federated Investors co-founder John Donahu and his late wife. 

The last time a home’s price made headlines was in 2019, when Citadel founder and billionaire Ken Griffin paid $238 million to acquire a New York City residence. By far, that has been the most expensive transaction for a home in the United States to date.


McKenna said the home listing has already garnered some interest from buyers all around the world. You can check out pictures of the listing here.

“It’s well documented that Port Royal is one of the most expensive places to own property in the U.S. and Gordon Pointe is its crown jewel,” she said of the property. “It’s connected to all the things that make Naples special but allows the lucky owner to live like they are on their own island.”

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