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Welcome to a channel that peeks into the lives of those who choose to tread lightly on the earth, crafting homes out of the unconventional.

This week, we’re whisked away to Georgia, where John and Finn, a couple with a penchant for tiny living, have turned a humble shed into a cozy homestead.

Their journey has been filled with transformation, love, and a bit of DIY magic.


John and Finn’s journey into tiny living began over a decade ago, sparked by a love that crossed oceans.

From the narrow boats of England’s canals to the sprawling landscapes of Georgia, they discovered that happiness wasn’t about the size of their space but the quality of their togetherness.

“Finn and I met over 14 years ago,” John recalls, setting the scene of their unconventional love story that led them from bustling cities to a serene 16-acre homestead.

The decision to convert a shed into their forever home was driven by a desire for simplicity and sustainability.

“We wanted to have something already dried in and then we could just do the inside ourselves,” Finn explains.

They chose a lofted barn design from Dirksen portable buildings, not just for its solid construction but for the promise it held as a blank canvas for their new life together.


With a budget of $6,500 for the empty shell, the couple embarked on a journey of transformation.

The shed, initially a mere 304 square feet of wood structure, has evolved over 12 years into a 500-square-foot haven, complete with a greenhouse kitchen and bathroom.

“The reality is this house has gone through a metamorphosis three or four times,” John shares, a testament to their ever-evolving dream.


Their homestead is a bustling sanctuary for 31 cats, four dogs, two pigs, six goats, over twenty chickens, four ducks, and, humorously, “a partridge in a pear tree.”

This menagerie shares the land with John and Finn, contributing to the homestead’s self-sustaining ethos.

The couple’s commitment to a life in harmony with nature is evident in every corner of their property.


One of the homestead’s highlights is Finn’s main garden, a lush space teeming with vegetables and herbs.

“A garden that’s out of sight is a garden that’s out of mind,” as per Finn’s motto, emphasizing the importance of keeping their food source close and visible.

Their permaculture approach integrates seamlessly with their lifestyle, creating a “cornucopia” of produce that sustains them throughout the year.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of their homestead is the innovative systems they’ve put in place for water and waste management.

From rainwater collection to a biogas system that processes sewage and produces cooking gas, John and Finn have thought of everything.

“We create the gas we use it for cooking so we’re not propane reliant,” John explains, highlighting their efforts to live off-grid.


Inside their tiny home, the couple has maximized every inch of space, from the lofted sleeping area to the walk-through closet that doubles as a seasonal wardrobe swap.

The heart of their home is the greenhouse kitchen—a space Finn dreamed up to bring light and nature into their daily lives.

“I never liked the kitchen that we had before… I want to bring more nature light in,” Finn says, her voice filled with the satisfaction of seeing her vision come to life.


As the tour concludes, it’s clear that John and Finn’s beloved cabin homestead is a living, breathing home that represents their values and vision for a better world.

Their story is a reminder that with a bit of creativity, a willingness to get your hands dirty, and a heart full of love, you can build not just a house, but a home that reflects the essence of who you are.

But you haven’t even gotten the full scope of this tiny bohemian oasis yet.

Take a look inside John and Finn’s garden shed-turned-oasis in the tour below!

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