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Meet Sharon, a retired pharmacist who’s decided to spend her golden years in a rather unconventional way.

She’s always dreamed of roaming the U.S. as a modern-day nomad, and now that she’s retired, she’s finally making that dream a reality.


To embark on her grand adventure, Sharon invested in a compact T@B travel trailer, perfectly suited for towing behind her 4-door Jeep Wrangler.

She opted for the 2015 T@B M@X S model, charmed by its lightweight frame and easy-to-handle design.

Sharon introduced the world to her petite but powerful home-on-wheels.

She appeared on Bob Wells’ YouTube channel, Cheap RV Living, where she shared insights into her nomadic lifestyle.

“I bought my T@B about a year and a half ago when I retired from being a pharmacist,” Sharon revealed in the video.


Although Sharon had previously owned larger RVs, she chose to downsize this time around. Initially, the smaller space required some getting used to.

But now, she couldn’t be happier with her decision.

The trailer is spacious enough for her to stand and move around comfortably—the interior’s tallest point is 5’9″—without feeling overwhelming.

Don’t let the trailer’s diminutive exterior fool you; it’s a marvel of compact design, equipped with all the amenities Sharon needs for her life on the road.


Step inside, and you’ll find a fully functional kitchen, complete with a propane stove, refrigerator, cabinets, and even a small sink.

Adjacent to the kitchen is a compact but efficient bathroom and shower combo.

While some might liken it to a closet, Sharon finds it perfectly adequate for her needs.

“I bring in a little wooden table to eat off of or to work on my computer,” she added.


The trailer also houses a cozy corner with a sofa that doubles as a bed.

Built into the walls are a heater and an air conditioner, and when she’s in an area with good reception, she can even catch up on her favorite TV shows.

It’s essentially a mini-apartment on wheels, offering all the comforts of home in a compact space.

But what Sharon loves most about her tiny home is the lifestyle it promotes.

“The best thing about a little rig like this is it kind of forces you to spend a lot of time outside,” she said.


“When you are doing this lifestyle, it is about being out in nature and enjoying other people.”

With her mobile setup, Sharon can choose her backyard view, whether it’s a desert landscape or a serene lake.

And when she wants to go off-grid, her solar panels provide all the electricity she needs.

For Sharon, it’s not just about the space she lives in; it’s about the freedom it gives her to explore the world

See her incredible and effective home in the video below!

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