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A convenient life doesn’t necessarily mean living in a humongous house with multiple rooms, toilets and bathrooms, and a spacious living area.

Perhaps, many people would agree that living a convenient life means having a space that best suits your wants and needs while having financial freedom from rent or mortgage.

This is the main reason why many people are now into living big in tiny houses. Nowadays, mobile house ideas are becoming a “thing” to people who want to be always on the go and want to be away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

These tiny home ideas transcend from campervans, skoolies, container houses, box trucks, and many more.

Now, if you love living in a mobile house and the beach then this is the best tiny home idea for you.

Scott owns this stunning beach house box truck in Orange County, California. And according to him, he’s had RVs and boats before.

Upon retirement, he decided to downsize to a smaller RV after the length limit at his favorite surf spot was reduced to 25 feet. Faced with the challenge, he designed and built a unique box truck home.

The box truck, a 2008 GMC SL Isuzu, was chosen for its commercial chassis capable of handling significant weight.

The 18-foot living space is powered entirely by six lithium batteries and 1600 watts of solar on the roof, making it an all-electric vehicle.

Let’s take a look inside Scott’s box truck beach house.

Scott has everything he needs!

His beach house includes various amenities such as a fridge, freezer, air conditioners, washing machine, microwave, water heater, and a 50-inch television, all running on solar power for nearly three years.

The exterior features a movie screen setup, a diesel tank with additional storage, spare diesel tanks, wetsuit storage, and a 2,000lb hydraulic lift for a motorcycle rack.

Waste disposal is facilitated by a regular holding tank, which the owner finds more convenient than alternative options.

Inside, the living space includes a 50-inch television, dining table, hanging clothes storage, and a secondary air conditioning unit.

The fold-up windows provide a panoramic view, and the unique swinging door allows for a nice breeze. Custom storage spaces are backlit, housing items like guitars, binoculars, and electronic control panels.

And what’s the best thing to have when you’re beside the ocean?

His kitchen area boasts an induction cooktop, deep stainless steel sink, and real tile flooring.

Storage is maximized with raised floor storage for pantry items and limited overhead storage.

Trash is sorted into burnable and non-burnable categories, with a separate freezer fully stocked for three years.

The sleeping area is equipped with an air conditioning intake, a small double bed, and hidden storage spaces.

Clever lighting is installed with a three-way switch, providing control from both the back and the front of the truck. The bathroom features a diffused glass door and a boat toilet that minimizes odors.

Reflecting on the build, Scott expressed satisfaction with achieving separate sleeping, couch, and bathroom areas. The shower is a full-size unit that allows for comfortable use, even in winter.

While built primarily for his six-month summer surfing lifestyle, it also accommodates his family and grandson visits.

Despite enjoying the current setup, Scott has no plans for further modifications and jokes that if it were to get lost, he’d opt for a tent.

Give yourself a virtual tour inside Scott’s amazing beach house by watching the video below.

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