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The amount of storage in Danny’s apartment on wheels is truly impressive.  Making space for his books was a priority for Danny O’Brien when he tried to convert a school bus into a functional and cleverly-designed tiny home.

Being a book lover, he made sure there was enough space for all his books and office stuff. He worked hard on the shelves to make them spacious and sturdy.

For a lot of tiny homes, making space is a problem, but not for this owner.

When you enter his cute, little space, you will see how much Danny treasures his books. There are lots of mini books in his living room and he even made space for his art supplies underneath an 8-feet couch which can also be converted into a full-sized bed. In the winter, his wood stove heater keeps his place nice and warm.

He has a huge pantry space filled with food, spices, oils and other cooking staples. There are more drawers and storage for kitchen utensils.

His kitchen is also equipped with stove, oven, deep sink, dining room table, water filters, refrigerator and other kitchen essentials that can be found in a normal home. “This is probably the best kitchen I’ve had in my life,” Danny said.

Making space for his books is important to this homeowner.

Moving deeper into the bus, more functional and skilfully-designed storage can be found. Danny has a shelf for his bathroom supplies and storage containers as well as a deep closet for his clothes. His bathroom is small yet functional with a full shower and a composting toilet.

Danny’s bedroom is also very functional. He made good use of the little space by installing a bookshelf, nooks and gas pipes on the wall to go through the hatch on the ceiling up to the deck.

Making space for things you own is challenge for tiny home owners.

The storage in Danny’s tiny house seems to never run out as he also got storage for his tools and wood.

On the back of the bus, he has a little garage where he stores his camping gear, generator, and extra water, and propane tank.

Because Danny is a yoga practitioner, he needed a spot to do his yoga exercises. He found the deck the best spot to do it so he designed a flat hatch where he can lay comfortably when meditating. There are also solar panels on the deck to keep the electricity running in his tiny home.

Making space for his books was a priority for Danny O’Brien when he tried to convert a school bus into a functional and cleverly-designed tiny home.

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Lastly, Danny showed the front of the bus where he drives and takes his beautiful home to different places. Here, he has a back camera, a speaker, an outlet to charge his phone, and some yoga sculptures which he holds very dear.

Danny has been living on his bus for nearly six months and truly enjoys the peace and quiet that it offers him. Danny said that he loves nature so much and he’s been a camper since he was little.

This makes living on the bus very fun for him as it can take him to beautiful, eco-friendly destinations without leaving the comfort of his home.

Danny worked on this project for two years and because he has some background with design, he was able to make his tiny home functional and comfortable while enjoying the entire process.

Those that have watched the video of Danny’s house tour were mostly fascinated. One of the commenters said, “Fantastic design. I actually think it’s kinda perfect. Just right amount of everything.”

Another viewer said, “This is definitely one of the most well-thought-of designs for school bus conversions I’ve ever seen. This gives me a lot of inspiration for my design.”

Watch this video to see more of Danny’s functional apartment on wheels from Tiny Home Tours:

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