Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

There was a girl named Sarah Baumer who loved animals very much. When the girl decided to go for a walk one sunny day, she had no idea that a surprise would be waiting for her. She could not imagine that he was waiting for her.

It was not until the girl suddenly noticed a suitcase lying on the grass, from which sounds were coming, that she began to realize it was her fate that lay in the hands of those children.
In the end, Sara was so fascinated by the contents of the suitcase that she decided to take it with her, and she took the suitcase, which looked quite old, home with her that night. She opened it, there were little kittens.

When the girl saw the babies, she immediately called the veterinarian and started feeding the babies at the same time, to the amazement of the girl. It was impossible for her to even imagine how people could treat small kittens in such a cruel manner.

There is no way to preserve the lives of helpless animals in such a way that they will remain in the bag and die.

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