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It’s not uncommon for people to regret the tattoos they get, but this poor woman says she never consented to hers.

Florida-based Taylor White was just 21 when her face was tattooed ‘against her will’.

The tattoos were said to be ‘full of obscenities’, leaving Taylor with no other option than to cover the top half of her face with blackout ink in a bid to hide them.

Taylor White had dark ink covering the top half of her face.

Supplied to New York Post

She’d initially tried to hide them with make-up, but the tattoos were still noticeable.

The alleged non-consensual tattoo came about on the night of Taylor’s 21st birthday.

Taylor claims her ex boyfriend got her drunk and then lured her back to a hotel where she woke up in severe pain.

She then looked into a mirror in the empty hotel room and discovered that her entire face had been covered in tattoos of ‘really horrible things’.

While she went on to cover up the offensive inkings with dark tattoos, Taylor still struggled to find work.

She was struggling to find work as a result of her tattoos.


“I’ve tried applying for jobs in the mental health care field just as an advocate,” she told The New York Post last year.

“I understand that my appearance is quite different, and could maybe jar someone that has their own condition.”

With her traumatic experience and job struggles in mind, Karridy Askenasy (AKA TheDadBot) reached out to her.

Taylor had been sharing her story on social media and Karridy was moved by experiences, so offered to cover the costs for laser removal.

“The trouble she was facing obviously had a personal effect on her,” he said.

“It was preventing her from doing the most good possible.”

@thedadbot Thank you @Removery Laser Tattoo Removal and Taylor’s supporters!#mentalhealthawareness #bekind #viral #fyp ♬ Emotional – Bang Nono

With the extent of her tattoos in mind, it was predicted that it would take at least two years for Taylor’s ink to eventually fade.

“It’s a gradual process, but one that yields permanent, life-changing results,” Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, the vice president of clinical operations at Removery – the clinic who agreed to help Taylor – told The Post.

As it stands, it remains unclear where Taylor is up to with her tattoo removal process.

It’s thought that she began her treatment in September 2023. It was said at the time that she’d need ‘many sessions over an extended period’, as per Karridy’s TikTok video.

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