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They say you should never meet your heroes – but if you do, there is one thing you’ll want to be avoiding.

Just don’t stumble on your words and you’ll be just fine. But what if it happened to be Jigsaw himself?

Well, one young fan had the opportunity to meet the Saw actor last year – which you can see here:

Ahead of the release of Saw X in September 2023, fans were certainly reaching fever pitch with excitement.

The young fan in question got to meet the acting icon that is Tobin Bell before the release of the highly anticipated movie.

The 81-year-old has played deranged torture merchant since the series began way back in 2004.

How is the series 20-years-old? Wow.

In Saw he is, of course, best known for being a terrifying serial killer you want to be getting nowhere near to.

Thankfully, he seems to be nothing like that in real life – which is certainly a huge relief.

In a video shared on YouTube, a young kid can be seen approaching the actor at a meet and greet event.

The videos went viral after being uploaded to YouTube.


As he got to the desk, the kid says: “I have a question.”

To which Bell says: “Yeah, fire away. I have a question too.”

Going straight in with his character’s catchphrase, he asks: “Do you want to play a game?”

Bell then replies: “I do want to play a game. But let’s start with a pound, ok?”

The pair then fist bump one another.

“Ok, now, that’s the start of the game, now, give me your hand,” Bell goes on, with the pair shaking hands.

Since the clip was shared on social media, it’s been viewed thousands of times.

And people have been flocking to the comments section to heap praise on Bell for the way he interacted with the young fan.

The actor has been praised for his response.


One user said: “Tobin is such a nice guy. Absolutely love actors who are just flat out nothing like the characters they play.”

Another commented: “I’m amazed he wasn’t like “Omg kid you watch my Saw movies!?” Lmao he’s a nice guy though.”

“Awww sweet I wish I was one of them kids I love Tobin bell,” a third penned.

While someone else recounted their own experience of meeting the actor, adding: “Got to meet Tobin when he came down to the Starbucks I was working at downstairs from the convention he was at. Super nice guy.

“Told him I was a huge fan of the franchise. Even brought up a movie he was in called Serial Killer that I remember seeing as a kid on TV & his eyes lit up because a fan brought up something other than Saw.”

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