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Coming to terms with the fact that our appearances evolve over time is an irrefutable part of life.

Getting older inevitably means that our bodies change, and sometimes in ways that we don’t necessarily want them to. In an ideal world, we’d all stay young and fresh and healthy for the duration of our lives, no matter how long they might be. Last I checked, though, we don’t exist in an ideal world, we exist in the real one.

No, as the years pass it’s common for things like our eyesight and hearing to worsen, our hair to turn gray, our skin to sag and wrinkle, our muscles to weaken. Put simply, we leave our youth behind and are forced to accept that we might just be leaving our primes behind as part of the bargain – there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be a just a tiny, little bit envious of those people who’s looks seem to defy Father Time.

A mother from California known as Gym Tan has amassed quite the following on social media for her astonishing appearance at the age of 63.

A self-confessed fitness fanatic, she regularly posts to TikTok, wowing her followers with her unrelenting attitude towards keeping her body in the best possible state.

In one recent video, Gym Tan stated her belief that she’s aging like a fine wine, saying: “I said before that I actually think I look younger this year than I did last year.”

Credit / TikTok – CaliforniaIsTooCasual

And while cosmetic companies and the behavior of a number of Hollywood celebrities would have us belief that the only secret to longevity where appearance is concerned is through surgery or expensive lotions, Gym Tan takes a rather more humble approach.

According to her, the best beauty secrets revolve around maintaining a positive outlook on life and not thinking about your age too much.

“Age is just a number,” the 63-year-old told her followers in a video.

“I have said it before but more than that just focus on what makes you happy.  Focus on what makes you feel good.”

MSN readers, click here to see her video:

@californiaistoocasual You can’t stop getting older, you just have to keep going! #fittok #lifestyle #running #fitat60 #runner #healthyliving #fitcheck #healthylifestyle #fitinspo #ageisjustanumber ♬ I Ain't Worried – OneRepublic

Not only that, but Gym Tan also advocated for the the benefits of surrounding oneself with friends and family who provide love and are able to teach you about life.

In any case, it appears the California mom’s wisdoms and age-defying looks have struck the right chord on social media.

Gym Tan has built herself an audience of more than 245,000 people on TikTok. In a recent video she posted – where she can be seen running down a street smiling – she confessed to feeling in “the fittest and best shape” of her life.

“I’m running further and stronger than in my 20s,” she said.

Now, we must stress that there is nothing more important than feeling comfortable in your own body. Height, weight, hair color, and body type matter little when weighed against what’s inside, while true confidence – and loving oneself – always comes from within.

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