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Princess Diana posed for thousands of pictures, whether it was for a royal event or a photoshoot. However, there was one that she thought was pretty much R-rated – and it still made it to the front page of every newspaper.

Now, the photographer reveals what actually happened. Diana’s reaction was not the most appreciative.

Princess Diana was known as the “People’s Princess,” and the entire world mourned her when she died. Her tragic death in Paris in 1997 shook the royal family at its foundation, and Prince William and Prince Harry were left without a mother.

Princess Diana

Both brothers – now in the middle of an ugly rift – had to rely on other family members when they grew up, and this is something they’ve spoken about in many interviews. However, of course, nothing could replace their mother, who wanted to protect them in any way possible.

While their mother is no longer here, the photo archives show hundreds of photos of the three together. Moreover, the archives also offer never-before-seen pictures that never made it to the papers.

But on one occasion, a picture of Diana with two other children concerned the late princess – all because of what she was (or wasn’t) wearing.

Over the entire course of her royal life, Princess Diana was hounded by paparazzi photographers and journalists who wanted to get the juiciest story or picture of her, and often times they’ve crossed the line – something that countless other celebrities can attest to as well.

Princess Diana
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Diana has posed in some of the most iconic pictures, which still to this day are seen as legendary.

For example, the image taken of her in front of the Taj Mahal in 1982 has been recreated by thousands – including William and Kate – and the bench she sat on is still to this day known as “Lady Di’s chair.” 

The true story behind Princess Diana’s “no petticoat” picture

Princess Diana became a style icon of her era. In 1980, one year before she and Charles tied the knot, the 19-year-old worked as a nursery school teacher in London. The world melted because of her warmth and good heart, and photographers wanted to get the best possible picture of her.

One of them was royal photographer Arthur Edwards. He took one of the most iconic pictures of a young Lady Di at her nursery school job. But what was supposed to be an innocent portrait of the soon-to-be wife of the future king took another turn.

At the time, Arthur Edwards had just begun working as a royal photographer for The Sun. He knew Diana worked at a preschool in London’s West End neighborhood and decided to look for her.

Finally, after knocking on doors and asking if anyone knew where the preschool was, the up-and-coming photographer hit the jackpot. After speaking to the school’s owner, Arthur Edwards brought Diana to a park nearby with two children.

“She posed up, and I did half a dozen pictures,” he told Today.

It all looked like things were going great. The word got out, and not long after, many other photographers joined him in taking pictures of Diana.

Steve Back/Getty Images

At one point, Arthur Edwards – who has been photographing seven royal weddings, four funerals, and seven royal births – noticed how the sun began shining on the young princess. But that was to change everything.

“Everybody doesn’t believe this, but it is the gospel truth — halfway through, the sun came out and revealed those beautiful legs,” Edwards said, describing it as an “amazing silhouette,” and “iconic picture.”

“I don’t want to be known as….”

Several newspapers chose to run the picture, and it indeed was an iconic one. But Diana was in shock. Her legs were visible underneath her skirt – and Diana felt she had shown the public too much skin.

According to Today, she told Charles, “I don’t want to be known as the girlfriend who had no petticoat.”

While Diana barely had a private life, she also understood that being a royal meant being a public figure 24/7. That also included being the victim of media scrutiny – and paparazzi photographers.

“There were, at times, some fractious moments, particularly with the holidays with the boys, but she understood that myself and the other guys on the newspapers had a job to do – she knew very much the difference between the paparazzi and the staff guys,” photographer Kent Gavin, who worked with Diana for more than 20 years, said.

On July 29, 1981, Diana and Charles tied the knot. Their marriage was troubled, not least because of Charles’ affair with Camilla – and the shocking Tampongate.

Jayne Fincher/Princess Diana Archive/Getty Images

Despite their divorce, people never stopped loving Princess Diana. And undoubtedly, people never will, despite what some would call the R-rated picture taken of her at her school job.

After her death, there were many Diana-written documents to discover. Some of her letters had more serious and sometimes even tragic subjects, including one where she feared that someone plotted to kill her.

Naughty Diana letters sold at auction

In May earlier this year, two greeting cards sent by Princess Diana to the King of Greece – Constantine II – went up for sale at auction. And they showed a side of her we haven’t seen before.

They featured several sexual references, portraying a funnier, more non-serious side of Diana. Moreover, the greeting cards included handwritten messages and her signature.

The first card’s front consisted of a naked man leaning on a tree. The caption read, “Adam came first….Men always do!….”

The second greeting card Diana sent showed a naked woman with a message that read, “What’s the definition of the Perfect Man?’

It was followed by the answer: ‘A midget with a 10″ tongue who can breathe through his ears!’”

You can see pictures of the greeting cards here.

Constantine II was the last king of Greece and became good friends with Diana. The cards sent to him from the princess were signed, reading: “Dearest Tino, lots of love from Diana.”

The second one said: “Dearest Tino, proudest love as always, from Diana.”

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

They went up for auction in May at Dominic Winter Auctioneers auction house, selling for $7,000.

“The reason for sending these cards, other than as a bit of fun, is unclear as the cards do not celebrate a birthday, Christmas or christening,” the auction house wrote on their website.

“Diana must have seen these cards and thought of Tino before buying and sending them, possibly inspired by a conversation they had had at some social gathering.”

William & Harry keeping Diana legacy alive

As mentioned, William and Harry have been very outspoken about their mother and the years they spent with her before she passed. They are keeping their mother’s legacy alive the best way they can, and in fact, both of them are focusing on philanthropic subjects, just like her.

Prince William created the Earthshot Prize, awarded to five winners each year for their contributions to environmentalism, while Harry created the Invictus Games, a yearly competition for veterans of war.

Princess Diana was loved everywhere she went, and despite many thought the US wouldn’t care, things turned out great when she visited.

Just days ago, Prince William finished his US trip, where he announced the Eartshot Award nominees. Moreover, he decided to spend time with ordinary New Yorkers and engaged in some activities, including collecting oyster shells and meeting and greeting locals and tourists. The 41-year-old even went on a run through Central Park.

Now, the Prince of Wales is being compared to his mother.

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Royal expert Jennie Bond tells OK! Magazine how the future king has his mother’s charm.

“”He has his mother’s easy charm”

She is surprised that he isn’t more popular than he already is in the US.

“I must admit, I was surprised that he had been voted the most popular figure in the US, simply because I thought they were more driven by celebrity,” she said. “On the other hand, in my experience, Americans love our royal family, and William is becoming the shining star of the monarchy, particularly with Catherine at his side.

“He has his mother’s easy charm,” Jennie Bond continued, “As well as her good looks and is both confident and fully immersed in the destiny he once viewed with some dread. He looks as if he is enjoying his role, and as the Earthshot Prize shows, he is determined to use his platform to engineer real change.”

We’re sure that Princess Diana is smiling from the heavens.

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Princess Diana died too young, but her legacy will live on forever.

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