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We all know that children tend to be very outspoken, and sometimes they recount stories in a way that gets a little crazy. That’s exactly how it was for Jen, who shared a funny video sent to her by her son’s preschool teacher.

Having children around is fun for many different reasons, and sometimes they can say things that get a little crazy.

And Jen, whose name is @daisy232713 on TikTok, is one parent who knows this all too well.

Some time ago, she received a video sent to her by her son Charlie’s preschool teacher. She published the clip on the app, and today it has over 2.6 million views, which Cafémom also wrote about.

Charlie’s response made everyone laugh

In the beginning, Jen is seen holding her hand to her forehead and shaking her head, “when your son’s preschool teacher sends cute little videos,” she writes.

Then she has inserted the clip from the preschool where the boy is asked: “Where is mom?”

Charlie then replies that she is sick, and the preschool teacher says: “Why is she sick? What does she have?”

After thinking for a bit, the boy then replies: “She’s hungover,” while the adults in the room start laughing out loud.

Here you can see the clip:

@daisy232713 #tiktok #thatsall #fyp #wtfcharlie ♬ original sound – Jen

However, Jen is clear that this is not true, and that she had not been drinking the night before. Luckily, she and the boy’s educators seem to have a good relationship, and everyone just seems to think it was a lot of fun.

Many parents can empathize

Anyone who has children can probably identify with this situation, and in the comment section there were many other users who shared similar events from their own lives.

“My child told a woman that she would have been happy if her father didn’t have to be in jail every weekend. He worked as a correctional officer.”

“My son told his teacher that I never wash myself. I always waited until he fell asleep before showering.”

“My child drew a wine glass and said it was my favorite drink in first grade. I don’t even drink wine.”

“My son told his preschool teacher that I drink when I drive. What I drank: Iced coffee from Starbucks.”

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