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Drew Scott, a passionate DIY enthusiast from Lone Fox, was eagerly waiting to unveil a project that held immense sentimental value.

At the age of 84, Roger, Drew’s kind-hearted landlord, not only rented him the upper floor of his house but also gave him the freedom to remodel it.

Drew was entrusted with the task, and Roger had complete faith in his vision.

This wasn’t just a simple tenant-landlord agreement for Drew; it was a golden ticket.

He transformed the previously mismatched and eclectic rooms into a radiant and welcoming living space.

It was Drew’s canvas, where he painted a harmonious and inviting home.

As Drew was gearing up to shift to his new residence, he was eager to showcase the remarkable modifications he had made to Roger.

This was a huge moment, symbolizing the culmination of a significant phase in Drew’s journey.

A lot of work had been put into the renovations, but it was definitely worth it.

Being aware of Roger’s challenges with stairs due to his age, Drew thoughtfully arranged a wheeled desk chair for him.

This gesture, though simple, showed Drew’s thoughtful nature, ensuring Roger could effortlessly navigate and appreciate the entire apartment.

And oh boy – did he ever have huge surprises in store!

Little did the landlord know, the upstairs of his home had been transformed into a cozy and beautiful masterpiece.

Let the tour begin.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Roger, utterly amazed as he was wheeled into the revamped living room.

The previously dull room with its faded white walls and non-functional fireplace had been transformed.

Drew introduced a lively, rustic ambiance by painting the window frames black, rejuvenating the fireplace, and placing snug brown leather sofas around a modern TV.

It’s obvious he was impressed.

With a playful glint in his eyes, Roger remarked,

“This is gorgeous, I’m going to have to raise the rent.”

It was evident that he was not just impressed by Drew’s craftsmanship but was deeply moved by the dedication and affection poured into the makeover.

There was so much more to see.

In the dining section, Drew chose to keep the original crystal chandelier, paying homage to the house’s legacy.

He ingeniously redesigned a wall cutout, incorporating wooden shelves and a cabinet.

The wall was painted a rich brown, and he introduced a repurposed wooden table, elevating a basic space into a chic dining zone.

The neighboring kitchen, blessed with ample windows, was transformed into a delightful breakfast corner, ideal for sunlit breakfasts.

One of the standout transformations was in Marie’s bedroom, Drew’s roommate.

He employed lime wash paint for a textured wall finish and introduced moldings, metamorphosing a regular bedroom into a luxurious, designer-inspired space.

Roger couldn’t help but admire it, lauding it as a designer’s masterpiece.

In the end, Roger was profoundly touched by all the enhancements Drew had introduced.

Emotions welled up in his eyes as he reminisced about the space he had called home for years.

Tragically, a few months after this heartwarming episode, Roger passed away.

It’s comforting to know that he witnessed his humble abode being transformed into a magnificent sanctuary before his departure.

Watch the video below to see the incredible (and touching) tour for yourself!

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