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Nestled in the heart of an RV park, two college sweethearts, Daniel and Alicia, embarked on a journey of tiny living.

At the tender age of 20, they transformed an RV into a cozy haven, reflecting their youthful spirit and love for simplicity.

Their story is not just about compact living but about making choices that defy convention.

According to the couple, they paid $8,000 in cash for the old RV.

They were both working full-time and going to school, so it just made sense to live together.

But instead of paying for an apartment, they decided to invest in their future and create a beautiful home themselves.

In a video from Tiny Home Tours, Daniel and Alicia give a peek inside their renovated RV.

Their RV, which they fondly refer to as their home, boasts of a day bed that doubles up as a guest bed.

This multifunctional space is adorned with bamboo rod curtains and blankets from Target, showcasing their knack for budget-friendly yet stylish decor.

A metal artwork, reminiscent of Alicia’s Colorado roots, proudly hangs on the wall.

The dining area, though modest, is where they share meals and stories.

It’s surrounded by statement pieces and minimalistic decor, emphasizing their belief that sometimes, less is more.

Their kitchen, a blend of functionality and aesthetics, features open shelving, a spacious pantry, and a large sink.

The peel-and-stick tiles add a touch of modernity, while the blue cabinets break the monotony of white, infusing a dash of vibrancy.

There are little cozy details everywhere.

Alicia’s love for coffee finds expression in a dedicated coffee corner, complete with a hammock for their coffee pods.

Adjacent to it, a bookshelf stands tall, housing Daniel’s growing collection of books and Alicia’s journals.

Their shared passions and individual interests seamlessly merge, creating a harmonious living space.

Daniel recounts their journey, from being high school sweethearts to making the decision to live together in college.

Inspired by their parents’ RV lifestyle, they took the plunge, purchasing their RV and embarking on a renovation adventure.

Their master suite, which once had a mold issue, was revamped with a new bed frame, storage spaces, and a touch of personal flair.

The bathroom, though compact, doesn’t skimp on functionality.

With ample storage, a spacious sink, and a unique toothbrush holder, it’s evident that every inch has been thoughtfully utilized.

The luxury vinyl plank flooring, a practical choice, proved its worth when they faced a minor flooding issue, allowing for easy cleanup and ensuring durability.

Their journey wasn’t without challenges.

From tackling mold to dealing with an overflowing toilet, they faced their fair share of hurdles.

But with determination and a can-do attitude, they turned every challenge into an opportunity, learning and growing along the way.

The entire endeavor, from purchasing the RV to its renovation, cost them around $12,000-$13,000.
While they initially aimed to keep it under 10 grand, the unforeseen challenges nudged the budget upwards.
Yet, the satisfaction of creating a home with their own hands, infused with their personalities, made every penny worth it.

As they share their story with the world, Daniel and Alicia hope to inspire others to embrace tiny living, to find joy in simplicity, and to create homes that reflect their essence.
Wow, what an inspirational young couple, don’t you think?
Press play on the video below to tour their gorgeous home on wheels for yourself!
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