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Many kids form special bonds with their pets, and a lot of times it’s with a dog, cat, or maybe a hamster.

But for one little girl, her animal “best friend” is actually a giant snake.

Emi and Cher, a 16-foot python, have been best buddies since Emi was 2 years old.

They have grown together over the years, and Emi’s dad, Ed Taoka, shared that they are very used to each other’s company.

Emi enjoys letting Cher crawl over her head and body, and they often cuddle together or have tea parties.

Building Trust and Setting Rules

Taoka had to ensure that Cher was tame and sociable, and that Emi knew how to be gentle and respectful towards Cher.

There are rules in place, such as always having an adult supervising and not allowing Emi to feed Cher until she is older.

Challenging Stereotypes

Taoka hopes that Emi and Cher’s relationship can help eliminate stereotypes about large snakes.

He believes Cher is as gentle as they get and even mentioned that his cats are more aggressive than Cher.

He feels that Emi is lucky to have such a rare and unique relationship with Cher.

A Special Bond

Emi expresses her love for Cher by hugging her and saying, “I love you Cher.”

Taoka recognizes the special opportunity his daughter has and believes she is lucky to experience the true giants of the species and have a unique relationship with them.

Social Media Stars

Taoka shares their journey on Instagram, where he posts pictures and videos of Emi and Cher’s adorable relationship.

He also shares his thoughts on animal conservation and challenges negative perceptions about large constrictors.

Safety First

Despite their close bond, safety is always a priority.

Emi is not allowed to be left alone with Cher, and there is always an adult supervising their interactions.

Emi is also not allowed to feed Cher until she is 16 years old.

Taoka told The Dodo:

“I spent every day, multiple times a day, with Cher, just getting her used to human interaction. On the other front, I needed to make sure my daughter genuinely knew how to be gentle. As soon as she understood what she need to do, no grabbing no poking, just being gentle and respectful that’s all I needed form her, was to behave how I behave. And she proved that to me.”

A Gentle Giant

Taoka describes Cher as the most gentle snake he has ever owned.

He contrasts this with the behavior of his cats, who have bitten and scratched them, whereas Cher has never bitten anyone.

He told The Dodo:

“No one gets to see the good nature of these animals and what they’re really like when they’re not being stressed out. As soon as a large constrictor is shown with anything, it’s always a bad negative perception.”

A Rare and Unique Relationship

Taoka believes that Emi’s relationship with Cher is very rare and unique.

He feels that she is lucky to experience the true giants of the species and have a special bond with them.

Emi also feels that her friendship with Cher is special and expresses her love for her.

Watch the video below to get a closer look at their sweet friendship!

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