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One of the most difficult experiences there are, according to those who have gone through it, is confessing one’s love. But it’s also one of the most heartfelt and grateful acts you can perform as a lover for someone else. It’s essential to say “I Love You” out loud in any relationship. Whatever the case, some lovers prefer to express their love verbally and frequently, while others prefer to do so through gestures. The little things we do in secret to remember our loved ones are even more frequent and typically go unnoticed by both parties.

However, the conventional wisdom holds that communication between all parties is especially important in romantic relationships. We should have the self-assurance to express our feelings when necessary. At the same time, we should pay close attention to the actions and words we use to express our love for our partners. As a result, we are bringing you a test today that can help you identify your unique way of expressing love.

This information can strengthen an already-existing romantic relationship and make you more aware of and grateful for your partner. After all, the secret to a committed and lasting relationship is intimacy and how well you know your partner. You can find out more about each other’s love languages by taking this short personality test.

What Kind Of A Lover Are You?

Take a look at this image, and note the first thing that you notice:

Here are the explanations, according to what you noticed first:

The Face:

Your sixth sense is renowned for being frequently accurate. You have lofty ambitions and the capacity to establish and accomplish significant objectives. While those around you are scurrying to iron out the details, you already have a perfect plan in motion and absolute faith in it. Your serene aura confirms that you were meant to be a leader.

The way you express your love is by making time for each other. It’s not just about the cliche romantic archetypes when you’re a lover. In actuality, scheduling someone is a very precious way to show someone you care, regardless of how busy and intense the time is. Typically, you are too busy to do anything. Making them a top priority demonstrates their importance. They simply need to observe it.

The Trees:

You may have already been hurt quite a bit. Any new relationship raises questions about your emotional baggage as a lover. Nevertheless, you are more perceptive than the average person when it comes to every word and action. As a result, something that may not even register with you can consume your entire body and mind for several months. The scars are visible, but you still have hope.

Opening up is one of your love languages. Being emotionally open is the best way to communicate intimacy with a lover. It’s fine to express your gratitude verbally and with kind deeds, but true appreciation comes from being able to share your deepest worries and hopes with the recipient. Even a small amount of emotional openness is greatly valued by you.

The Wolf:

The word most people use to describe you is passionate. You enjoy having desires related to the flesh, and you are never hesitant to start them. You can enter a room and immediately start a party. There is no shortage of guests dropping by your home mini-bar. While doing so, you also never run out of romantic tales to tell your friends while preparing a full dinner.

Touch is your language of love. You value passionate, physical acts of close, intimate affection much more than words as a lover. This is because you have learned a lot more through your actions than through words. Through sweet and small physical gestures, you convey to your romantic partner their significance in your life. This is not to say that you don’t enjoy the occasional rough play, but your softer, more affectionate, and romantic side comes through when you gently cuddle and kiss.

The Moon:

It means you are a dreamer if you notice this first. Those close to you may perceive you as trustworthy and grounded, which is true. However, you’ve always had a dreamer’s sensibility. You enjoy writing, dancing, or watching other people’s artistic expressions when they share them with the public. Your inspiration comes from the creative and spiritual side of the world.
Your love language is expressed through the arts.

All of your artistic endeavors as a lover contain elements of your partner. A painting may contain a component that is the same color as their eyes, whereas a poem may serve as a dedication. You are not the type of person who publicly and openly declares their love at every opportunity. However, when it comes to your work, it cannot be more obvious.

The House

Security and a sense of belonging are what you value most in a relationship. You don’t mind going out on the town or staying out late every once in a while. But only when you spend time at home with the things and people you love the most do you feel content, renewed, and rested. You would feel most comfortable curled up in a fleece blanket in front of a warm fire.

You show your love by feeding or cooking for the people you cherish. You are probably cooking or baking something in the kitchen most of the time. Therefore, even if you don’t have time to prepare something, finding a small snack or treat to give a loved one when they’re feeling down can make you happier than almost anything else.

So, which one did you notice first, and did the verdict match? Let us know in the comments!

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