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In the heart of Tennessee, a new mom from Murfreesboro has made headlines by giving birth to a baby boy who weighs a whopping 13.2 pounds.

This isn’t just any ordinary newborn; baby Leo Everett Taylor is one of the largest babies ever delivered at the Williamson Medical Center in Franklin.

Born via a planned cesarean section on June 28, Leo’s original due date was July 4, making his arrival a little earlier than expected.

“Our first was 9 pound 15 ounces, so we anticipated a bigger baby,” shared Leo’s mother, Katey Taylor. “But nothing like this.”

The average birth weight of a baby boy is 7.4 pounds, making Leo almost 80% larger than the average newborn.

To add to the astonishment, Katey revealed that her placenta alone weighed four pounds, significantly more than the average placenta weight of 1.5 pounds.

“This was a shock for sure,” Katey admitted.

However, she also noted that having big babies seems to run in the family.

As of now, Leo is already the size of a three-month-old, a fact that has left everyone, including his parents, in awe.

“He went straight into size two diapers,” Katey said, adding, “and I think we left the hospital in a three-to-six month outfit.”

The size of their newborn son has certainly been a surprise for the Taylors, but they are taking it all in stride.

The medical staff at Williamson Medical Center were equally surprised.

They found it unusual that despite Leo’s size, Katey did not have gestational diabetes, a condition often associated with larger babies.

Moreover, Leo’s sugar levels were all normal, which is a positive sign for his health.

“He does eat around the clock,” Katey shared.

“It’s kind of hard to keep up for sure.”

Despite the challenges of caring for a larger-than-average baby, the Taylors are managing well and are enjoying their time with their new bundle of joy.

Even though Leo is heavy, Katey is cherishing every moment with him.

“I’m trying to take everything with, you know, knowing that it’s just temporary. So I’m trying to take in every moment.”

She is soaking in all the cuddles while she can, fully aware that these precious moments are fleeting.

The story of Leo’s birth is not just a tale of surprise and astonishment, but also one of love and joy.

Despite the unexpected challenges, the Taylors are embracing their new life with Leo and are looking forward to the journey ahead.

Mothers are strong and this story surely showcases that.

As the Taylors navigate their new life with baby Leo, they remind us all to cherish every moment, no matter how fleeting.

See the big baby boy for yourself in the video below.

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