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Nestled on her family’s Oregon nut farm, Chelsea’s quaint tiny house, the Irish Gypsy, is the perfect example of minimalist living.

The allure of the gypsy life, coupled with a penchant for tiny spaces, led Chelsea to embrace the tiny home lifestyle.

Her home, a whimsical creation by Vintage Cottages, is a symbol of her love for travel and her desire to stay close to her family.

The Irish Gypsy, with its added height and width, is a cozy haven that Chelsea calls home when she’s not jet-setting around the globe.

The Irish Gypsy is more than just a home; it’s a community hub.

Chelsea’s family, including her grandfather, brother, and his family, live close by, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences.

From picking blackberries to canning peaches and going on bike rides, the nut farm is a hive of activity and familial bonding.

After six years of travel, Chelsea found joy in settling down amidst her loved ones, cherishing the sense of community that her tiny house offered.

However, the call of the open road proved irresistible.

After two and a half years of living in her tiny house, Chelsea decided to return to her nomadic lifestyle.

The Irish Gypsy, in her absence, serves as a rental, providing a source of income that helps fund her travels.

The house, purchased for a sum of $33,200, is now rented out to a firefighter who spends a significant amount of time away on duty.

This arrangement ensures that the house isn’t subjected to heavy use, while also helping Chelsea pay off the cost of the house in four and a half years.

The exterior of the Irish Gypsy is as captivating as its interior.

The house, built with cedar, stands tall with an added height of two feet, allowing Chelsea to sit up in bed in the loft.

The width, too, has been extended to nine and a half feet, providing ample space without compromising on the ability to move the house.

The windows, reminiscent of gypsy aesthetics, and the porch, an add-on, add to the house’s charm.

The house, despite its neutral colors, stands out amidst the lush greenery of the nut farm.

The interior of the Irish Gypsy is a warm, welcoming space filled with natural light.

The high ceilings and wide layout make the house feel spacious, while the wooden interiors add a rustic touch.

The kitchen, though small, is well-equipped with an oven and a refrigerator.

Additional counter space and storage were added to accommodate Chelsea’s needs.

The bathroom, though compact, is functional and cozy, with a regular toilet and a shower that’s larger than those found in RVs.

The house also boasts a closet, a feature that Chelsea particularly loves.

The closet, designed by a friend who used to build yacht interiors, provides ample space for clothes, a necessity given Oregon’s varied weather.

The closet is cleverly designed with two separate racks and additional storage space at the bottom of the stairs.

The stairs, in fact, house Chelsea’s hope chest, a cherished possession from her high school days.

The loft, accessible from the stairs, houses a queen-sized bed.

Despite the added height, the loft doesn’t allow for sitting up straight, but it’s a cozy space that Chelsea’s nieces and nephews love.

The windows in the loft offer stunning views, making waking up to the morning sun a delightful experience.

The loft also features shelves on either side, a DIY project that Chelsea undertook with her father.

The living area of the Irish Gypsy is a testament to Chelsea’s creativity and resourcefulness.

The pallet couches, a brainchild of Chelsea and her friend Lindsay, were built from pallets found on the street.

The couches, wide and comfortable, can be rearranged to create a guest bed.

The living area also features a table that can be folded away when not in use, a clever space-saving feature.

Living tiny gives Chelsea the freedom she loves.

The Irish Gypsy allows her to live the life she desires, allowing her to travel and explore the world – all while residing close to family.

Watch the video below to get a full tour of her beautiful home. It might make you dream of going tiny too!

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