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When in school, most of us can get this overwhelming urge to go home. Some days just have you feeling that way. But what if the school was your home?

This old school in Franklin, Indiana has seen better days. But the people behind this channel have some big plans for it.

Active between 1914 and 1934, the school saw its heyday of operation in those 20 years. It was a moderately sized building that at least a few generations of students grew up in.

It wouldn’t get to be a school for much longer, though. After 1934, it was turned into a barn and used as such for another decade or two. This building was clearly eye-catching to many would-be buyers thanks to its easy location and spacious interior.

Fast forward to the 21st century and it would catch the eye of Stacie Grissom and her husband Sean.

The two had gone to the same school since their elementary days, and eventually began dating in high school.

Stacie would regularly drive past the old, abandoned school building on her routes to school.

She could never shake the curiosity of how it looked inside.

The two had gotten married after graduating, and Stacie had been itching to get involved with a real-estate project.

For this, she relied on a friend who worked as a realtor.

On one dated day, Stacie got an email from the realtor about a property that was for sale.

She clicked on the email and was greeted by one hell of a surprise: the property for sale was the old school building.

The one she’d seen hundreds of times and could never escape her mind. Almost like fate, she felt an overwhelming urge to buy it before someone else does.

Who knows? If she doesn’t bite first, someone else might and turn it into a lame old shopping mall.

Her parents work in real estate and would be there to help her with any construction or renovation-related tasks.

They bought the building, and in 2021 began the slow process of restoring it into a home.

First order of business was to tear down much of the old walls and ceilings to make sure they could make better supporting beams.

Much of the old structure was water-damaged, so a thorough replacement and repair of the beams and walls was the best call.

In 2022, work finally began on a new roof.

For much of the first year, rain would hit the second floor directly since they removed the old roof.

With a new roof in place, they could now begin work on the second floor without any concern about getting wet.

A building with this many rooms would need a generous amount of doors and windows.

Stacie and Sean had to order enough of those to accommodate the size of the building, and that wasn’t cheap.

And then followed work on the bricks and mortars, with the stonemasons working tirelessly to remove and replace the old mortar in between every single brick.

The door problem wouldn’t let up, so Stacie ordered more doors and began refurbishing work on them herself.

She was doing all of this while raising 2 toddlers, so props to her.

The last things that Stacie and the construction team worked on were the electrical system and the plumbing. Progress was great, and she can’t wait to get to the next phase.

The house isn’t ready yet, but Stacie hopes it won’t be long before it is.

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