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Ariel McGlothin chooses a life less ordinary amid the stunning backdrop of western Wyoming’s mountains.

In her tiny mobile abode, affectionately named “Fy Nyth,” Ariel has found her slice of paradise.

This compact home, stretching 24 feet in length and 7.5 feet in width, stands as the embodiment of her commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

She embraced this lifestyle fully back in 2014 after investing $99,702—a significant sum that has paid off in tranquility and freedom.

The journey to Fy Nyth began when Ariel, sharing a house with a friend, found herself at a crossroads after their rented home was sold.

Rather than searching for another rental, Ariel leaped at the tiny house movement.

This decision wasn’t made lightly; every aspect was thoughtfully considered before she made the transition to her new, self-sufficient life.

Life off-grid is far from the conveniences of urban living, but for Ariel, it’s a choice that brings unparalleled satisfaction.

Alongside her faithful dog, her days are filled with the kind of work that keeps her hands dirty and her spirit fulfilled.

From foraging and gardening to chopping wood and hauling water, Ariel’s routine is a modern-day homesteader’s dream.

Ariel’s connection to the land extends beyond her daily chores.

She only ventures to the grocery store when her supplies dwindle, relying instead on the bounty she grows and the resources she gathers from the surrounding land.

This lifestyle keeps her physically robust and deeply connected to the natural world.

Financial freedom is another perk of Ariel’s lifestyle.

She works various freelance jobs, but without the pressure of a mortgage or hefty bills, she enjoys the flexibility to work on her own terms.

Her tiny house is equipped with a spacious kitchen for her culinary adventures and a living room that doubles as a guest space, complete with a convertible couch.

The heart of Fy Nyth is the wood stove, a source of warmth and comfort during the cold mountain nights.

Ariel’s independence is also evident in her self-maintained garden and ample firewood supply.

With a composting toilet, a cozy shower space, and clever storage solutions like the under-stair nooks, her home is as functional as it is charming.

Up in the loft, a full-size bed flanked by three windows offers a cozy retreat, where Ariel can rest and reflect on the life she’s crafted.

With her dog by her side and no mortgage to tie her down, her contentment is as clear as the mountain air she breathes.

Seeing her daily routine, it’s evident that she’s living out her dreams.

Ariel’s story is an invitation to consider a different way of living—one that’s closer to nature and away from the grind of conventional expectations.

For those curious about her lifestyle, a virtual tour of Fy Nyth is available, offering a glimpse into the serene life she’s built with her four-legged companion.

Take the full tour of Ariel’s tiny self-sufficient homestead in the video below!

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