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Zoltan Nagy spent many years abroad, but when he felt the urge to return home, the question of choosing a place to live became urgent for him. The options of temporary shelter with relatives or renting housing did not appeal to him, because his dream was his corner, preferably in the embrace of nature, where he could enjoy its tranquility and the singing of birds.

In his search, Zoltan chose the outskirts of the small town of Bekes. There he found an ancient house, whose age was about a hundred years.

The condition of this building, to put it mildly, left much to be desired. Relatives tried to dissuade Zoltan from buying this “junk”, but he was adamant and bought it.

Renovating the house turned out to be a major project for Nagy and his wife, the cost of which was equal to the purchase price. The couple decided to decorate the interior in a cozy rustic style.

Simplicity and functionality are what Zoltan valued. Therefore, in his updated home there is no room for excesses.

The walls were painted a crisp white and the floors were complemented by striped rugs. The furniture chosen was wooden, in a rich brown shade, which gave the house a special charm and comfort.

And so, when those very friends who doubted his decision visited Zoltan, their surprise knew no bounds. Not a trace remained of the former “barn”, and in its place stood a charming and welcoming mansion.

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