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Amber and Gwen’s tiny house has given them an affordable, fresh start in a new state. But achieving their goal wasn’t easy. They both worked two full-time jobs to save up for their home on wheels and cover their living expenses in Columbia, Missouri. Their hard work paid off in more ways than expected.

They commissioned a 20-foot tiny house on wheels from Darrell A. Taylor. He’s an experienced craftsman who used to build large homes before pivoting to smaller-scale woodworking projects and tiny homes. While Amber and Gwen hoped to stay within a $25,000 budget due to supply chain issues during the pandemic, they ultimately paid $35,000.

Overall, their tiny house design is simple but full of great details. For instance, Darrel built custom kitchen cabinetry to maximize space around wheel wells and over the refrigerator. Their custom fold-up table is another excellent example of beautifully functional simplicity. It offers a spacious dining and craft table with room to walk around when down, and when not needed, it easily folds onto the wall.

Watch their tiny house tour to see more!

Affordable Living in a Welcoming Community

After moving in, Amber and Gwen feel a huge sense of financial relief. They don’t make much money, but their exceptionally low monthly living expenses help them stretch what they do have. Their lot rent at the Riveredge Tiny Home Village is $400 a month. While their first electric bill was only $25, it will be even lower soon, thanks to their newly installed solar panels.

Affordable living was a big motivator for tiny home living. But so far, they found much satisfaction in simple living. Less time cleaning and less stress over bills has meant more time for each other and hobbies. Amber and Gwen both feel that their relationship has grown stronger in the process.

Their tiny house on wheels has also enabled them to relocate to a new state more easily. They moved from central Missouri to New Mexico to seek transgender rights and gender-affirming care protections. Fortunately, they found the Riveredge Tiny Home Village. Gwen and Amber have found it to be a very open-minded and welcoming community. They’re loving their simple lifestyle in their new home!

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