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Navigating the path of single parenthood extends far beyond the role of a mere provider for Kevin.

He is a pillar of wisdom, a wellspring of comfort, and a guiding light through life’s unpredictable journey for his twin eight-year-old boys.

In the intimate space of a tiny house village, Kevin shares experience and decision to settle in a modest yet lovingly built tiny home.

This compact abode, originally designed for travel, transcends its physical form to symbolize Kevin’s boundless love for his twins.

Within the cozy confines of their 260-square-foot haven, Kevin’s journey as a single dad unfolds—a journey marked by challenges and joys.

Reflecting on the pivotal decision to embrace tiny living, Kevin emphasizes the essence of downsizing and prioritizing what truly matters: family and presence.

Kevin's tiny house on the road, connected to a blue pick up truck

The $120,000 investment in the tiny house, equipped with modern features and off-grid capabilities, becomes a testament to his commitment.

Kevin’s narrative takes us through the geographical transitions of parking his tiny house along the coast, in the mountains of California, and eventually settling in Colorado.

Amidst the challenges, including a divorce, the move to a tiny house village like Island Cove becomes transformative.

It fosters a close-knit community, birthing relationships and bonds uncommon in traditional living.

Within the walls of the tiny house, Kevin showcases the efficiency of design.

The kitchen, a hub of modern appliances and ample counter space, becomes a place for culinary exploration with his kids.

The kitchen inside the Kevin't home in tiny house village.

Entering Kevin’s living room feels like stepping into the heart of his tiny house—a haven of relaxation, creativity, and the enduring warmth of family.

It’s a space that tells the story of a single dad navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood within the confines of his compact yet loving home.

The living room, a sanctuary after a day filled with adventure, boasts a comfortable couch, a welcoming fireplace, and a unique distressed mantle, adding a personalized touch.

The living room of Kevin's tiny house with TV, sofa, and electric fireplace.

Kevin’s intentional choice of engineered hardwood floors, practical and resilient, stands as a testament to his grounded approach to parenting.

These floors have weathered the storms of family life, from the pitter-patter of dogs to the exuberance of eight-year-old twins, proving that functionality can seamlessly coexist with style.

In celebrating his boys’ creativity and independence, Kevin has turned the living room into an ever-evolving gallery.

Someof the arts made by Kevin's twin son.

Adorned with the boys’ artwork, school projects, and seasonal decorations, the space reflects the beautiful journey of this tight-knit family.

A particularly heartwarming addition is the handwritten menu of activities by the boys, a charming expression of their desires for shared moments—a hug, a game, or a cozy movie night.

This impromptu creation has become a cherished ritual, underscoring the simplicity and beauty of their connection.

One of the sweet notes made by the twins.

Transitioning to the bathroom, Kevin emphasizes the balance between comfort and efficiency.

Including a full-size tub speaks to the importance of creating a relaxing space for nightly baths, a cherished family ritual.

The bathroom also houses a washer-dryer combo, seamlessly blending convenience with the practicalities of daily chores.

Bath and washer room inside the house at the tiny house village.

Kevin candidly shares insights into the adjustments required for a composting toilet, shedding light on its surprising efficiency and adaptability within the limited space.

Ascending to the loft, originally an open space for the master bedroom, its transformation over time becomes apparent.

Growing alongside the boys, it has evolved into their private haven—a treehouse with a door for privacy, toys, storage, and beds fitting their size.

The twins room at Kevin's home at the tiny house village. It has two single beds with stuff toys and arts.


The exterior of the house, crafted with a modern rustic aesthetic, reflects Kevin’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability in the cold Colorado climate.

It’s a testament to his dedication to his children and the world they inhabit.

This metamorphosis reflects Kevin’s unwavering commitment to molding the tiny house to meet his children’s changing needs and whims, embodying the essence of a father dedicated to creating a home filled with love and adaptability.

Front view of Kevin's tiny house crafted with a modern rustic aesthetic.


Living in a tiny house village with kids prompts questions, but Kevin advocates for simplicity, community support, and empowerment.

Island Cove’s close-knit community contributes to a unique upbringing, fostering bonds that transcend the physical constraints of their living space.

Kevin opens up about the challenges of tiny living, redirecting his energy towards meaningful aspects of life.

Kevin's twin son enjoying a bike ride around the tiny house village.


The tiny house catalyzes positive change, enabling him to be a better father and focus on what truly matters.

Kevin’s transformative journey in the tiny house village radiates with love—a guiding light transcending square footage.

In the minimalistic canvas of intentional living, his brushstrokes of love paint a vivid picture of the enduring bond between a father and his children.

Kevin waving outside his home in the tiny house village.

Kevin proves that the depth of love is not measured by the size of a house but by shared moments, laughter echoing through small spaces, and handwritten notes that speak volumes about the enduring love between a father and his cherished children.

See Kevin’s home in a tiny house village by watching the video below:

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