Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Sunflower tiny house, a cozy and ingeniously designed tiny home that combines full-size comforts with the charm of compact living. Join Cindy, the proud owner, as she takes us on a delightful tour of her beloved tiny house, built in 2019, nestled in a friendly community that cherishes tiny living.

Living Room:
Explore Cindy’s inviting living room, adorned with cheerful sunflower-themed decor, including new pillows and a garland that lights up at night. Discover the comfortable sofa and blue chair that came with the house, adding a touch of convenience and style to the space.

Step into the well-equipped kitchen, boasting full-size appliances, including a gas stove, microwave, and a spacious refrigerator. Although lacking a dishwasher, Cindy embraces the role with a smile. Admire the carefully chosen countertops, backsplash, and cabinet colors, all customized to Cindy’s taste, ensuring ample storage and a welcoming atmosphere for cooking and dining.

Multipurpose Space:
Learn how the kitchen area seamlessly transforms into Cindy’s office and dining room, a testament to the versatility of tiny living. See how the hutch perfectly accommodates her business essentials for Sunflower House Publishing, her new venture.

Venture into the surprisingly spacious bathroom, complete with a bathtub-shower combo, ample counter space, and regular flushing toilet, thanks to the local sewage system hookup. Appreciate the thoughtful design that maximizes comfort without compromising on functionality.

Relax in the cozy bedroom, thoughtfully located on the main level for easy access. The queen-sized bed with under-bed storage, two closets, and a dresser with empty drawers for guests reflect Cindy’s attention to detail in creating a comfortable, personal space.

Discover the sentimental value behind the full-size washer and dryer, a heartfelt addition from a dear friend, making laundry convenient and meaningful.

Outdoor Living:
Step outside onto the maintenance-free Trex deck, an ideal spot for grilling, enjoying coffee, or simply unwinding in the peaceful outdoors. The vinyl siding and insulated skirting ensure durability and protection against the elements.

Experience the warmth and safety of the tiny house community, a supportive and secure environment, especially for single women residents. Witness the excitement of new neighbors moving in and the strong sense of community that defines this unique living experience.

Cindy’s journey to tiny living began with a desire for a simpler, more affordable lifestyle. Her Sunflower Tiny House, priced around $55,000, is a testament to achieving a dream within a budget, without sacrificing comfort and style.

Thank you for joining us on this delightful tour of the Sunflower Tiny House. Remember, big dreams can thrive in tiny spaces! 🌻🏡

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