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Retiree Cheryl has lived in her cute tiny house for seven years in two different communities. Her journey began at the one-of-a-kind workshop by Incredible Tiny Homes. They built her an affordable shell. Then, they mentored Cheryl and a group of friends to finish as much of the interior as possible during the week-long event.

Amazingly, it cost her less than $30k. Incredible Tiny Homes no longer offer this workshop, but they still sell shells. Cheryl’s affordable tiny house and low living expenses at The Bird’s Nest Tiny Home & RV Community made early retirement possible. She pays $450 per month for lot rent, plus internet and electricity. During the hottest month in Texas, her highest electric bill came to $60. So, living on a fixed income hasn’t been an issue.

Inside Her Affordable Tiny House

Cheryl’s home is on the tinier side. It’s 18 feet long and about 140 square feet. But it feels just right to her. She fully maximized every inch with convenient storage solutions. For instance, she has a downstairs daybed on a platform with storage containers beneath it. These can double as footstools—ideal for her short frame. Cheryl also added cute painted milk crates as shelves for craft supplies at one end. She enjoys sitting there with a cup of tea that fits perfectly on the big window sill.

The interior was designed around Cheryl’s small size. In her kitchen, for example, the size of the open shelves makes it easier for her to grab things. Cheryl built them narrower on the bottom and wider on the top. Because she realized that when you raise your arm, your hand comes toward you. So, it’s actually easier to reach items on a higher shelf if they stick out further.

Everything in Cheryl’s tiny house fits together neatly like an adorable puzzle. This is all thanks to the tremendous amount of planning she did before her build. Also, downsizing 90% of her possessions was essential.

“I think tiny teaches many lessons, probably differs from person to person. You can simplify things down to where you can handle them. Things don’t have to be more than you can do. You can simplify your life until it’s the size you need, and this is the size I can handle. I can’t handle anything bigger than this, and I can be a happy person. I can wake up happy and go to bed happy.”-Cheryl, affordable tiny house owner

Watch the Tour of Her Affordable Tiny House!

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