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The tragedy happened almost 10 years ago, but Yaroslavl people will never forget it.

But it all started when a neighbor overheard a baby cry. He went about his daily chores without thinking about it. However, the infant continued to sob the next day. The wailing was coming from a house, but no neighbors saw anyone inside, and the lights were never turned on, even in the evening.

However, the neighbors were concerned at that time and phoned the police. When they arrived, the home was completely unoccupied when they entered. The residents had abandoned everything and disappeared. Their child was the one thing they’d abandoned.

The unclean floor where the one-year-old daughter was discovered clearly indicated that she had been there for a few days. A comprehensive inquiry found that the girl’s name was Liza Verbitskaya, and while her parents looked to have perished, no one was able to find them.

Liza was brought to the hospital and quickly recovered. Inna Nika was caring for her unwell kid in the same hospital, while her mother remained by his bedside day and night. However, one day she heard a scream from the opposite room and went to check. When she met Liza, she felt a mother need to care for and protect her. Inna continued to visit Liza every day, bringing her food, clothes, and toys. When Inna went to see the kid one day, she saw she wasn’t in her hospital room anymore. She subsequently discovered that the youngster had been taken to an orphanage. She went to the orphanage to see her as well, but she immediately felt she needed to adopt her!

Liza was two years old, unable to chew, afraid, and unable to tolerate loud noises when the adoption paperwork was finalized. Liza had darker complexion as a youngster than her family members, but she is now lovely. She began modeling and quickly rose to prominence in Russia. When they watched her win numerous talent competitions as a teenager, people who had mocked her appearance before bit their tongues.

Her biological mother wanted to contact her once she rose to popularity, but was refused access. Liza now has the woman’s phone number, but she’s unsure if she wants to meet the person who left her a message. Our respect goes to Inna, an adoptive mother who, despite her unusual circumstances, managed to save the life of an abandoned kid!

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