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Becoming a parent is a major milestone in peoples’ lives. You have to be there for another human being and they are completely reliant on you for everything. But not everyone is ready for this kind of responsibility.

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When Angie Setlak was expecting her son, Xavier, she had a lot of concerns. Her boyfriend was unfaithful, so she tried to put all her focus on their little son.

Once the little boy was born, she thought everything would be different but that dream soon turned into a nightmare. One day, she received a message from her partner. After getting that message, she had only a short time to save their son’s life.

Every parent’s nightmare is that something might happen to their little child.

It doesn’t matter if your son or daughter is small or grown-up – as a parent, you do anything to keep them safe.

But occasionally, we also hear about individuals who are far from being suitable parents.

Angie Setlak was expecting her and her boyfriend’s son Xavier when all hell broke loose. While she was in anticipation and observed as her belly grew bigger and bigger, her boyfriend was less than interested.

He was constantly unfaithful, and Angie’s heart was broken repeatedly.

So when the son was born four weeks early, life turned upside down once again.

“We had a stressful pregnancy because his father was unfaithful, and it affected my blood pressure and the baby. But we made it, and he was born completely healthy. He came out screaming and surprised the doctors who had said he would stay in my womb until the due date. He stayed in the hospital for 16 days, and then we came home, and I spent 3 perfect months at home with my baby,” Angie tells Love What Matters.

But there was one person who couldn’t cope with the new life.

One day, his dad was left alone with Xavier. And Xavier’s dad, who was supposed to take care of the boy while mom Angie went back to work, couldn’t handle it.

When Angie was about to return to work for the first time since her maternity leave, she experienced something no one should go through

Throughout the day, she was bombarded with text messages from her boyfriend repeatedly saying how difficult it was to take care of their boy. “I had received text messages from Xavier’s dad all day about how hard he had it, and I told him that we would find another solution so that he didn’t have to take care of him alone during the day. While he had been on parental leave, he had been alone with him for a maximum of 2 hours, and everything had been fine,” she tells the site.

“He worked nights, and the plan was for him to take care of Xavier during the days while I worked, and then I would take care of him at night when he worked. After all, my partner had raised a 10-year-old, so even though I was very nervous about the situation, he continued to reassure me that everything would work out.”

But then came the message that changed everything.

Later in the same day, he texted his girlfriend something shocking; Xavier’s dad asked if he could murder the boy. “The first day back to work from maternity leave, I got a text – he asked me if he could murder our child now. I told him not to do anything and that I was on my way home.”

Just a short time later, she received another message.

Xavier wasn’t breathing.

The little boy was urgently taken to the hospital, and mom Angie rushed into the hospital.

The boy had suffered brain damage, and the dad kept saying that their son had choked on milk.

But soon Angie learned the truth.

To help him, Xavier was placed in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks. They slowly weaned him off medication, and they the mother that he might not wake up. “We fought against 2 things. Trauma, and the time he went without oxygen to the brain. I heard everything from ‘he might be blind’ to ‘he might never learn, walk, talk, move…’ But I still knew he would come back to me,” the mother said. After 17 days in the hospital, Angie could return home with her son.

Xavier’s dad, on the other hand, was arrested on suspicion of child abuse.

According to Angie, the police suspected that the dad had shaken Xavier so hard that he suffered severe brain injuries.

Since then, Xavier has undergone a series of treatments and grows stronger every day. His dad has long been out of his life, and mom Angie’s full focus is on the amazing little Xavier.

“I hope that someone reading our story will take it all to heart and realize how important it is not to shake a baby. No matter what, you never shake a baby. It’s so easy to avoid. A moment of anger changed my child forever.”

This is such a heartbreaking story. How could a child’s own father do something so atrocious? Share this with others to raise awareness.

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